Baithak Concerts

Hindustani classical music is traditionally enjoyed best in a “Baithak” style. In this format, concerts are conducted in an intimate setting where the artists and audience interact and inspire each other. Music in these Baithak concerts can reach unexpected heights that is often lost in large concert halls. LearnQuest has conducted over 50 Baithak vocal and instrumental concerts since 2010.

LearnQuest’s Baithak Concerts typically occur on Friday/Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons. There are 6-8 Baithak Concerts annually.

The cost of these concerts is sustained through memberships. Members get free entry and first priority to all concerts. There are 4 categories of annual membership (non-transferable):

• Individuals – $125
• Couples – $225
• Families – $250 (children between age 10-18 years only)
• Music Institutions – $275. Includes 2 transferable passes to all Baithak programs.

All young students between ages 10-18 years who are registered at the institution can attend free of charge.
All adult students get a discount of 10% on the above fees.

Non-members pay $30 per concert.

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An advance notice of about 2-weeks is provided for each concert. Should you become a member mid-year, the following year’s dues are prorated based on the number of concerts since the start of your membership.

Upcoming Baithak Concerts

We are busy planning for our next season and we can only bring it to reality if we have your renewals to support us. So please renew your membership now by clicking on RENEW now.

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