About Us

LearnQuest Academy of Music is a non-profit educational institution that has been serving the greater Boston community since 1994.  The Academy is supported by a group of dedicated faculty, committee members and volunteers.  Through its programs and activities, LearnQuest seeks to:

Create a supportive and nurturing environment for high quality instruction in music for children and adults, contributing to the development of the whole self and adding to one’s life an aesthetic dimension that is uplifting and fulfilling
Expose the students and the community to the highest levels of musicianship and scholarship through professional music performances, lectures and publications in various forms
Support and encourage music scholarship, research and development of instructional materials and technology to facilitate quality music education
Highlight the multicultural aspect of music by bringing together the practitioners of diverse music persuasions, contributing in turn to wards social harmony through music

The primary activities of LearnQuest Academy include:

SCHOOL OF MUSIC, where music instruction is provided to children and adults at various locations in the Boston area and through VOIP
ANNUAL MUSIC CONFERENCE, an annual multi-day festival of Indian classical music at venues throughout the greater Boston area since 2006 
BAITHAK Concerts by illustrious Hindustani Classical musicians in an intimate setting
WORKSHOPS on vocal and instrumental music
Lecture Demonstrations and Seminars
Performance Forums for participation by local-area students and teachers of music

Please contact us at give@learnquest.org to sign up as a volunteer or for making a financial contribution.

LearnQuest brings “Baithak”-style concerts, conducted in an intimate setting where the artists and audience interact and inspire each other.