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Annual Music Festival

Over the past ten years, LearnQuest’s multi-day annual music conference has showcased the best of Carnatic and Hindustani art music. Through the support of music lovers from all over the United States and Canada, we have managed to host eight successful annual conferences. It is one of the largest Indian Classical music conferences in North America.


2016 LearnQuest Music Conference

We are committed to making the 11th edition of the conference every bit as successful and memorable as the previous 10. In order to do so, we are in the process of finalizing a tantalizing lineup of celebrated musical maestros as well as talented rising stars and future torchbearers of the Indian classical music tradition. Performances will be presented in a variety of styles of Indian vocal and instrumental music.

The LearnQuest music conference 2016 promises to provide both, the discerning musical connoisseur and the curious music explorer, with a unique and memorable musical experience.

The LearnQuest Academy gratefully acknowledges the dedicated support of our audiences, donors and volunteers who have contributed to the resounding success of the LearnQuest music conference over the years.

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2014 LearnQuest Music Conference
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Baithak Series

Hindustani Classical Music is traditionally a ‘baithak’ style of music. In an intimate setting, an artist and the music lovers experience music together and music can reach unexpected heights, often lost in large concert halls.

The baithaks will focus on Hindustani vocal and instrumental music. The primary venue is The Hall at 125 Prospect St., Framingham, MA 01701.

The baithaks will normally take place on Friday/Saturday evenings or Sunday at 4:00 PM In unusual circumstances, week-nights or weekend mornings may be considered.

There are 4 categories of annual membership (non-transferable).

  • Individuals – $125.00
  •  Couples – $225.00
  • Families – $250.00 (children between age 10-18 years only)
  • Musical Institutions – $275.00. Includes 2 transferable passes to all Baithak programs. All young students between ages 10-18 years who are registered at the institution can attend free of charge. All adult students get a discount of 10% on the above fees.

Non-members will pay a higher fee of $30.00 per baithak, provided there is space available. A 2-3 week advance notice will be given for the Baithaks. If anyone becomes a member during mid-year, the following years dues will be prorated based on the number of Baithak’s that were held. In addition, LearnQuest will accept tax-deductible charitable donations for this initiative.

Special Programs

From time to time the academy organizes seminars, workshops and concerts in Hindustani and Carnatic music for the benefit of its students and interested public.