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We invite you to revel in a week-long musical feast of Indian classical music
Berklee College of Music - March 26th
Harvard University - March 28th
MIT - March 29th
Regis College, Weston MA - March 30th to April 1st
featuring star performers in
Dhrupad, Hindustani and Carnatic classical music

       The LearnQuest Academy is delighted to present the 7th annual festival of Indian classical music. The six day musical event will take place at the Regis college, Weston MA as well as at other educational institutions in Boston and Cambridge.

       Over the past six years, the annual music conference has been a resounding success and has attracted audiences from all over the United States and Canada who have been regaled by the awe-inspiring beauty, legacy and vivacity of Indian classical music over the multiple day event.

The LearnQuest Conference 2012 will feature a large number of renowned musicians from India and the USA including several Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan award winners. Performances will be presented in the Dhrupad, Hindustani and Carnatic traditions in Vocal form as well on musical instruments including Sitar, Sarod, Flute, Saxophone, Veena, Violin. The conference will feature celebrated musical maestros as well as talented rising stars and future torchbearers of the Indian classical music tradition.

The LearnQuest music conference 2012 promises to provide each listener, the discerning musical connoisseur and the curious music explorer, with a unique and memorable musical experience.

We look forward to seeing you at the LearnQuest Conference 2012!

Please plan on arriving 30 mins before the program starts to purchase or collect tickets at the gate.
Patrons collecting PayPal and Sulekha tickets must bring a print-out for payment confirmation.
We accept only cash and check payments for ticket purchases at the gate.

The LearnQuest Academy gratefully acknowledges the dedicated support of our audiences, donors and volunteers who have contributed to the resounding success of the LearnQuest music conference over the years.